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Leather is a natural product

Cognac Leder

You now own a unique leather product, as the creases and grain structure are different in each individual skin. Thanks to KAVAJ’s strict selection process, minor irregularities in the leather, caused by insect bites or injuries for example, are kept to a minimum. Of course, they cannot be ruled out completely. Such irregularities are not flaws or defects, but underline the genuine character of this valuable product.

Stand feature

Due to the material properties of leather, initially the stand feature may not function properly. In this case, please watch the customer product video below:

After using the stand feature, it may occur that your iPad slightly shifts around in the case and the cover therefore does no longer close 100%. As soon as you slide your iPad completely back in its case, the cover will close perfectly again.

On/Off button (Power button)

Due to the material properties of leather, initially the case may be too tight and cause the power button not to function properly. If you stretch the case around the power button firmly outward 3-4 times, the button should function correctly. This is shown in the video below.

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