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Terms and Conditions

1.1. PowerUser Program Membership
The KAVAJ PowerUser program is operated by KAVAJ GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “KAVAJ”). Members of the KAVAJ PowerUser program are offered deals to purchase products that are limited in both quantity and time.

The offers of the KAVAJ PowerUser program are not freely accessible, but are directed only to a closed group of program members depending on their availability and respective contents. To participate in our sales offer you can register for membership here: https://kavaj.de/poweruser/. We offer each of our members password-protected direct access. Membership entitles the user to take advantage of our online offers depending on their respective availability.

1.2. Costs and termination
Membership is free and can be terminated at any time. To terminate your membership you can send us an informal notice to service@kavaj.com at any time.

2.1. Procedure
KAVAJ GmbH regularly introduces new deals and offers in its PowerUser member area. These deals are available to all registered members. The number of promo codes is limited to a daily amount and each deal only runs over a limited period of time. Members will be informed about new deals and discounts on a regular basis and exclusively by e-mail or messenger. All codes can be redeemed on amazon.de. A step-by-step guide to redeeming your code can be consulted after accepting the respective deals.

2.2. Validity
Each code will be valid 48h after generation and can be redeemed during this time on amazon.de. The code cannot be used with other discount codes.

3. Obligation to leave Feedback
By redeeming the Discount Codes the user agrees to leave detailed feedback to KAVAJ GmbH within a week after receiving the product. After accepting the deal, a link will be sent to the user to complete a questionnaire. This Feedback will be the basis for further product development by KAVAJ and hence the basis of its PowerUser program. Users who do not submit any feedback to KAVAJ GmbH within a reasonable period of time can be excluded from the PowerUser program at any time.

4. Rules and Improper Use
4.1. For each PowerUser program deal only 1 code per user can be generated and redeemed. Any attempt at manipulation will lead to exclusion from the program.
If, for example, deals are currently available for KAVAJ London, KAVAJ Tokyo and KAVAJ Vienna, each user can only generate one code per deal (if available).
4.2. The individually generated code is only valid for the respective member. Transferring to third parties or publication of this code is not permitted and will cause user’s exclusion from the program.
4.3. The code may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes.
4.4. Users commit themselves to treating personal access data confidentially and to not making them accessible to unauthorized third parties.
4.5. KAVAJ reserves the right to decline new registrations for its membership area.
4.6. KAVAJ reserves the right to delete multiple registrations or to warn or terminate users who violate the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions.

5. Payment and shipping
Payment and shipping are subject to the regulations of Amazon.com on which KAVAJ GmbH is not able to exert any influence. For delivery times, delivery dates and shipping costs please refer to Amazon.com.

6. Complaints and Customer Service
We highly value our customers’ satisfaction. Should you not satisfied for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at service@kavaj.com. We will take care of your request immediately.
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