• 1 Organizer

The company organizing this promotions is the KAVAJ GmbH, Werbasweg 22, 88400 Biberach (KAVAJ), Germany.

  • 2 Eligible Participants

All individuals who are at least 18 years of age at the time of their participation are eligible for participation.

  • 3 Participation

Participation in the promotions is possible as follows:

  • The users submit their data to KAVAJ via Facebook Messenger and agree explicitly on answering the question regarding the competition to enter the sweepstakes.

The individual who owns the participating user profile (Facebook Messenger) on the respective platform from which the request was submitted will be considered the qualified participant.

Participation is free of charge and not contingent upon the purchase of any goods or services. Each participant may submit only one participation request. Any violation of this rule may result in the user’s exclusion from the sweepstakes. Multiple submissions by an identical participant will not increase this user’s odds of winning. Consequently, participants are urged to refrain from such actions.

By participating, users consent to the provisions of the promotion. Moreover, by participating, the user consents to KAVAJ publishing reports on the winners on all of the company’s social media channels and on its blog as well as to the promotional utilization of this message.

  • 4 Promotion Period

The promotion ends at midnight on November 3rd 2017 (UTC+01:00)

  • 5 Determination of the Winner

The winner from all participants in the promotion who have declared their participation as described above who are eligible to participate shall be determined by lot. KAVAJ shall not assume any liability for the availability of the promotion and for access to the promotion via the Internet. 
The winner shall be determined within four weeks after the submission deadline.

  • 6 Notification of the Winner

The winner shall be notified exclusively through the platform the participant used to submit the participation. Once the winner’s notification has been sent out, the winner shall have seven days to provide KAVAJ with his/her contact information so that individual agreements can be made for the fulfillment of the request. In the event that KAVAJ should not receive this information by the deadline, the prize shall be forfeited.

  • 7 Prize

The winner receives an iPhone X 64 GB in silver or space gray from KAVAJ.

Cash disbursement in lieu of the prize shall not be an option. The prize is non-transferable. The winner shall accept any modifications to the prize that are necessary because of situations beyond the control of KAVAJ.

  • 8 Data Privacy

Consent to publication of the winner’s name

The winner herewith consents to the publication of his/her name by KAVAJ on all social media channels by KAVAJ and on the KAVAJ blog (kavaj.de/blog and kavaj.com/blog) identifying him/her as the winner of the sweepstakes under his/her first and last name.

Personal participant data shall be generated in conjunction with the sweepstakes (first and last name as well as e-mail addresses and Facebook Messenger data of the participants and the winner’s address). KAVAJ shall generate, process and use said data only for the purposes of the sweepstakes.

Participants shall at all times have the option to revoke their consent and the agreement with the use of the data as explained above, which shall affect all future actions. In this case, the user shall no longer be able to participate in the ongoing sweepstakes.

According to the German Federal Data Privacy Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), data privacy protection is the responsibility of KAVAJ.

  • 9 Rules of Conduct

KAVAJ reserves the right to exclude participants from the sweepstakes who are manipulating or trying to manipulate the sweepstakes.

  • 10 Option to Terminate or Modify

KAVAJ reserves the right to suspend or terminate the entire or parts of the sweepstakes at any time without prior notice due unforeseen circumstances. For instance, this shall apply in the event of government agency requirements, their announcement or in the event of technical problems or modifications made to the Facebook platform.

KAVAJ also reserves the right to modify these Terms of Participation at any time without prior notice.

  • 11 Exclusion of Liability

KAVAJ and its corporate bodies, employees, workforce and agents shall assume liability in connection with these sweepstakes, regardless of the legal grounds, only in the event of acts of intent or gross neglect; in cases of personal injury, the loss of life or if health damages are sustained as well as pursuant to the Product Liability Act.

These sweepstakes are not affiliated with Facebook in any way and are not being sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook in any way. KAVAJ herewith indemnifies Facebook against any liability claims of the participants with regard to the sweepstakes.

  • 12 Contact

If you should have any questions about these sweepstakes, please contact


  • 13 Legal Remedies

No legal remedies available.


14 Governing Law

This promotion shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany subject to the exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CSIG).