#myKAVAJ terms and conditions

Are you are happy with your new KAVAJ? Show us your KAVAJ! We’re raffling off a nice giveaway each month (currently a $ 100 /£ 100 Amazon coupon) to one lucky participant in our #myKAVAJ promotional offer.

What do you have to do to participate? Simple:

1. On Instagram or Twitter, publicly post a photo of your KAVAJ using the hashtag #myKAVAJ.

2. Tag us on the photo and mention us using “@kavaj”

Each month, the KAVAJ jury will go through all the entries and select one lucky winner.

Welcome to #myKAVAJ

We’re happy that you found your way here. Please watch the video and read our conditions of participation. We look forward to seeing your #myKAVAJ photos!

Monthly price for January


Amazon voucher

In the month of March, all submissions with the hashtag #myKAVAJ have the chance of winning a voucher to the value of 100 USD/GBP for amazon.com / amazon.co.uk. The closing date is 31 of January 2019. The winner will be announced latest on February 1st 2019.

We’ve collected all current winning photos for you here!

And the previous winning photos here:

Our #myKAVAJ winners 2017

Our #myKAVAJ winners 2016
Our #myKAVAJ winners 2015

Terms and Conditions #myKAVAJ

Find the German version here: Teilnahmebedingungen

1. Organizer
The Organizer of the contest is KAVAJ GmbH, Werbasweg 22, 88400 Biberach (“KAVAJ”).

2. Eligibility
In order to be eligible for the contest, each participant must (a) own a KAVAJ case, (b) be following KAVAJ on Twitter (twitter.com/kavaj) and/or Instagram (instagram.com/kavaj) social media platforms at the time of entry, and (c) be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. “Follow” means that the participant has clicked on the “follow” button on either Twitter or Instagram. Employees of KAVAJ and their family members are not eligible to participate in the contest.

3. Entry
Participants may enter the contest exclusively via Twitter or Instagram. Participants must have a valid, public user account on Twitter and/or Instagram, and use the hashtag #myKAVAJ. The owner of the Twitter or Instagram account used to enter the contest shall be deemed the participant. Should the participant win, he/she is obligated to leave the submitted photo publicly available for at least 3 months after the date of participation. This means that his/her profile must be public and the photo cannot be deleted. Participation is free and does not require additional purchases of either goods or services. By entering into the contest, participants consent to the contest rules. The winners of the last 3 months are also allowed to participate in #myKAVAJ, but KAVAJ reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition.

4. Timeframe
Entry is valid for the month in which a tweet on Twitter or a post on Instagram is posted. Example: If a picture of a KAVAJ case with the hashtag #myKAVAJ is posted on Twitter on December 20, 2014, then the entry month is December.

5. Determining a winner
A winner will be selected by a jury from among the pool of eligible participants who have entered by posting a tweet or Instagram post with the hashtag #myKAVAJ. KAVAJ is not responsible for the usability or internet accessibility to social media platforms. The winner will be selected during the month following the entry month. The exact date the winner will be selected will be announced on kavaj.com/myKAVAJ.

6. Notifying the winner
The name of each winner and his winning photo will be posted on the website kavaj.com/myKAVAJ, in our blog as well as shared on our Facebook page (facebook.com/kavaj), Twitter page (twitter.com/kavaj) and Instagram page (instagram.com/kavaj). We will also contact the winner through the platform used by the winner to enter the contest. The winner must, within seven days of the date the winner is announced, contact KAVAJ via e-mail and, if applicable, provide a mailing address for delivery of the prize. The delivery of the prize will be arranged individually with the winner.

7. Prize
Prizes change every month. The current prize offered is described in detail at kavaj.com/myKAVAJ. There are no cash prizes. Prizes are not transferable. Winners acknowledge that the prize offered may change due to circumstances beyond the control of KAVAJ.

8. Data protection
Consent to name publication The winner hereby consents to the use and publication of the winner’s first and last name by KAVAJ on all KAVAJ social media platforms. As part of the contest, personal data of the participants will be collected (first and last name & email address of participants, as well as the mailing address of each winner). This information will be collected, processed and used by KAVAJ exclusively for the purpose of conducting the contest. All collected data will be erased at the end of the contest. Participants may at any time withdraw their consent to the future use of their personal data. Upon withdrawal of consent, further participation in the contest is not permitted. The responsible party under the Federal Data Protection Act is KAVAJ.

9. Code of conduct
KAVAJ reserves the right to disqualify participants who attempt to manipulate the contest. In addition, the organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify specific photos from the contest, if the photos if they violate the rules of good taste, miss the point, or do not promote competition. The organizer is not obligated to provide a reason for its decision. In the event that a photo violates current law, the participant holds the organizer harmless from any liability towards third parties, and agrees to compensate the organizer for any damages resulting therefrom.

10. Grant of rights by the participants
Without affecting the rights granted to Twitter and/or Instagram with regard to photos posted by the participants, as set forth under the terms of use published by Twitter and/or Instagram, the participants grant to the organizer the right to use the photos submitted by the participants. Such right shall be free, irrevocable, unlimited in time or scope, and to the extent necessary for the purpose of conducting the contest. This includes, in particular, the right to make the photos public and to edit the photos. The participant represents and warrants to the organizer that he has all of the above rights with respect to the photos posted by him and can, without harm to any third party, grant such rights to the organizer. If the participant is not the copyright holder of posted content, he represents and warrants that he has obtained all necessary rights, licenses, permission, consents, authorizations and powers to use such content. In the event that any submitted photo violates the above requirements, the participant holds the organizer harmless from any liability towards third parties, and agrees to compensate the organizer for any damages resulting therefrom. The organizer may use any submitted content online, as well as make it publicly available to users at a specific location or time. The above-mentioned rights are granted regardless of the storage or data transmission technology used and regardless of whether the use is with or without caching and/or by means of a specific request, and/or whether the reception and playback are via TV, computer, or other devices, including mobile devices. In addition, the operator may edit the material and, in particular, reduce, cut, and paste it into other images. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any editing will not distort the statement, etc. of the content, as prohibited by the German Copyright Act. The organizer may also archive the content and use it in all media for commercial and non-commercial public relations purposes. By express consent and the act of uploading the content, the participant grants to the organizer the aforementioned rights free of charge. Consequently, no fee is due to the participant from the organizer.

11. Escape clause; terms subject to change
KAVAJ reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contest, in whole or in part and without prior notice, due to unforeseen circumstances. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, regulatory requirements, the threat or actual encounter of technical problems, or changes in the platforms of Twitter and/or Instagram. KAVAJ further reserves the right to changes these terms and conditions without prior notice.

12. Disclaimer
KAVAJ, its directors, officers, employees and agents shall be liable for damages in connection with this contest, regardless of the legal reason, only in cases of willfulness or gross negligence, death, personal injury or damage to health, or under the Product Liability Act.

13. Contact
All questions about the contest should be sent to myKAVAJ@kavaj.com.

14. Jury decisions
All jury decisions are final.

15. Applicable law.
The contest is governed exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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    1. Hi Rodney, thanks for your comment. We had some technical issues tonight. Today everything is working out right again. Please try again, all the deals are still online, so you did not miss any. Best regards Lena

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