We get requests daily from YouTubers, bloggers and, more recently, Instagrammers. We’re thrilled about the amount of interest in our products, and we love collaborating with these mostly very young talents. For a long time now, we’ve had an ongoing collaboration with Felix Bahlinger, a YouTuber from Southern Germany, who makes product videos in a unique way for us. This collaboration is a ton of fun for us and greatly appeals to our clients as well.

KAVAJ is in love with Little Emma

In October, we heard from a new Instagrammer and blogger called “Little Emma.” She wanted to know if she could review a KAVAJ for the iPhone 6. One look at her blog and Instagram account made it clear: yes, of course she could. It would be our pleasure. “Little Emma” – whose real name is Tamara – takes wonderfully beautiful photos which are lovingly staged and with well thought-out captions. Three facts that I greatly appreciate. So I sent her two of our KAVAJs for the iPhone 6 on the spot: Dallas and Tokyo.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-23 um 13.48.57

Source: little-emmas.blogspot.de

She then wrote a really great article on her blog about our cases. What really fascinated me were, once again, the pictures and the text which explained what the case could do.

As we’re always on the lookout for new collaborations, blogger relations are important to us, we’re open to (almost) everything and we love opening up new people to the idea.

The Idea: KAVAJ goes Beauty

So why not? Why shouldn’t KAVAJ carve out a niche, aside from the technological world in which we’re already very well represented, in a field that wouldn’t be expected for us? After all, we understand that our KAVAJs are not just mere protectors or practical accessories, they are also fashion statements. This is why we need to get someone on board who knows the fashion and beauty industry and, on top of that, takes incredible photos and has a sure hand for writing blurbs: Tamara, aka Little Emma.

“Sure hand” should be taken literally here: Little Emma particularly likes to review nail polish. If you’re wondering if these kinds of reviews are popular, just take a look at her Instagram. The market is huge.

So I asked Tamara to be a guest author for our blog and she was interested in the project. A few votes and some time later, her first blog post was available, with amazing pictures, as always. So from now on, there will be a blog post of a different kind every now and then: Little Emma for KAVAJ. Let’s get this collaboration started!


First Blogpost: KAVAJ London for an interview – coming soon!

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I paint my nails and take with me…. …the KAVAJ London for the iPad mini in black for an interview

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