Customer feedback keeps reaching us through all possible channels: by mail, by phone, via Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are very happy to take it all on board and treat every customer’s feedback very seriously. It is also very important to us to learn which customers are ordering which KAVAJ for what reasons. That is why we have reached out to selected customers to interview them in detail about their decision to choose KAVAJ. We have learned very interesting facts that will help us to further improve our KAVAJs according to the specific needs of our customers.

And therefore today we are publishing our first Customer Case:


Peggy, 60 year-old woman from San Diego, California

Case Owned:
KAVAJ Dallas for the iPhone 5

“I wanted a leather case in a color I could see in my purse. I didn’t just want black.”

Why she picked KAVAJ:
“I love the look of it, and the thinness of the case. It adds almost no additional bulk.”

“It’s beautiful. It’s unusual. The leather is gorgeous, and it also wears very nicely. I like the sort of weathered look that comes from it. I love the slots in the back. I walk frequently, and I just keep a $20 bill tucked back in one of the slots.”

“It makes me feel really comfortable. I just don’t have to think about it. I have plenty of things to think about in the world, this case is a very good thing not to have to think about. It just protects my iPhone with minimum bulk. Love the sleek form factor — combined with the great protection.”

“It’s a classy, sleek, highly functional product. It just brings an additional air of quality to my phone. The leather looks well made. It feels well made. It’s not your run-of-the-mill rubber iPhone case. It is a case in my view that matches well with the sophistication of the iPhone.”

Buy your KAVAJ Dallas for the iPhone 5 now on or
The KAVAJ Dallas is also available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in black and cognac brown.

2 thoughts on “Customer Case: Peggy from San Diego, California

  1. I have been delighted to use KAVAJ cases for a few years now. I really like them! I am currently using my second case on the iPad mini. I wore out the first one. Iit lasted with every day use for 2 years! I was glad to replace with the same product. I used the iPhone 5 case and am using the iPhone 6 case as well. I have a new iPad Pro 10.5 inch ordered and want to put a KAVAJ case on it. A pencil holder inside the spine on the inside of the fold on the left side of the iPad would be a great addition. I use the cognac.

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your message and feedback! We´ll have the KAVAJ London on stock for the new iPad Pro 10.5″ by the end of june. If you are interested in a nice launch discount, check out our poweruser program, where you can save up to 80% on various KAVAJs ;) -> Best regards Lena

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