Team KAVAJ 2016

Who are KAVAJ’s founders? Who is behind Who is responsible for getting back to you on Facebook, Twitter & Co? 

Our Team KAVAJ 2016 introduces itself. Here you can find KAVAJ’s “Who is who”, in alphabetical order:

What is your name?

My name is Christian and I have been working for KAVAJ since July 2014.

chris_hWhere are you based?
Having chosen Stuttgart as my home base I now live with my family at the outer edge of the city’s “basin”, from where I work for KAVAJ.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I am in charge of strategic planning all of KAVAJ’s global digital communication. That entails guaranteeing a consistent brand communication across all digital media with regard to our target groups and markets. My job includes identifying and evaluating the latest trends, developing new ideas and then developing appropriate communication concepts to be implemented by the KAVAJ team.

What is your name?

My name is Jörg and I am one of KAVAJ’s two founders.

joergWhere are you based?
Since 2014 I live in beautiful Biberach.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
Together with Kai I am in charge of product development and purchasing. This entails that we are constantly developing new cases for KAVAJ based on feedback from our customers. We make sure that all of our cases are permanently in stock. Expanding our distribution channels and marketing is another part of our jobs. We act as direct contacts for the press and our business customers.

What is your name?

I am Kai and am the other founder of KAVAJ.

kaiWhere are you based?
Since 2013 I have been an official denizen of Rostock – before that I have lived in Munich, among other places.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
Jörg has already described our work in detail. I’m also responsible for purchasing, product design, logistics, marketing and sales.

What is your name?

I am Leandro and I’ve been with KAVAJ since November 2015.

leandrozWhere are you based?
I live in the southern part of Hamburg with my little family and work for KAVAJ from here.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I work as a Junior Online Marketing Manager at KAVAJ. My area of responsibility includes all innovative and relevant social media channels. Here, along with Christian, I identify relevant target groups, create campaigns for these, and then measure the results obtained. The long-term aim of this is to use the insights gained from these in future campaigns in order to operate more effectively in the social media environment.

What is your name?

My name is Lena and I have been at KAVAJ since April 2012.

lenaWhere are you based?
I live and work in Stuttgart.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I am responsible for digital communications. This means I take care of corporate communications on our social media channels, KAVAJ’s customer service through social networks, and, of course, our blog! My duties also include customer and influencer relations on all digital media.

What is your name?

I am Michael, a trained web designer. I also have been at KAVAJ since April 2012.

michaWhere are you based?
I live in beautiful Hamburg!

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
At KAVAJ I am mainly in charge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to some extent also web design.

What is your name?

Nicolas and I’ve been with KAVAJ since December 2014.

nicoWhere are you based?
I live with my wife, my two children and our dog in Fulda, at the edge of the Rhön.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I work for KAVAJ in Controlling. I support Jörg and Kai with economic issues. Aside from classic controlling questions, I am also responsible for the compilation of tax-related matters, among other tasks.

What is your name?

My name is Robin, 20 years old. I am a student, active as a blogger and working at KAVAJ in digital communication.

robinWhere are you based?
I come from Hamburg and am currently living in Bremen for my studies.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I have been working at KAVAJ since August 2014 in social communication, –  meaning that I try and help out the Social Media Team as well as I can. And thanks to the wonder of Home office I do not even have to make coffee for my coworkers! (Now that’s a shame! ;-) – note by Lena) I am also the go-to person for our product reviewers.

What is your name?

My name is Tom and I am Kai’s brother.

tomWhere are you based?
I am originally from Mecklenburg, then lived in Hamburg for 8 years and since April 2014 moved to Rostock again.

And what do you do at KAVAJ?
I’ve been at KAVAJ since October 2012. My primary responsibility is customer service. I am the one who takes care of all customer concerns, requests, inquiries, suggestions, agitations and other matters of the heart… Meaning: I am the man behind

We are KAVAJ.

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4 thoughts on “Team KAVAJ 2016

  1. Hi would love to comment on the quality of your product as i am desperatly trying to receive one from you, This is message for management at KAVAJ, as feel this something that needs looking into. order through amazon on friday for delivery sunday 17th may 2015, delivery agent sent me an email stating your package has been left at 12:27pm in your letter slot, well i thought very strange becuse i was in from garden from around 11:00 am till about 14:00, no one delivered the what so ever. Contacted amazon to find out what was going there responce was too say sometimes items by the courier get scanned by mistake (yes cause they do), 18th may still no case delivery, 19th may was only offered full refund by amazon as stated they where unable to send a replacment from Kavaj, I just ordered the same item again fingers crossed the delivery agent does there job this time. Like i say i have every faith in your product, but i would strongly recommend you investigate into the delivery practises of certain amazon delivery agents, i look forward to receiving my reordered case tomorrow, Kind Regards G Watts.

    1. Hi Gary, we are really sorry for the problems you had with the delivery and hope that now everything worked out and you finally hold your KAVAJ in your hands. Unfortunately we can´t do anything to improve the delivery… because the shipping is always organised and fulfilled by amazon. Nevertheless I forwarded your message to our management. Kind regards Lena

  2. Hya to the Kavaj team, having recently acquired an IPad with keyboard attachment does your product cover this extra bulk that this accessory requires?
    Cheers, Roddy

    1. Hi Roddy,

      thanks for your message. But no, your keyboard does not fit in the KAVAJ with your iPad. Sorry!
      Best regards, Lena

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