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We receive many questions about our cases each day. Many questions are asked repeatedly. But every now and then, we are asked a question that we don’t (yet) know the answer to. Of course, this really annoys us! Last year for example, we were asked the following question via Facebook:

Dear KAVAJ team. I would like to know how well your phone cases (for the iPhone 6+) have been tested for their resistance to hand sanitizers. As a medical practitioner working in a clinic, I like to keep my phone in the pocket of my white coat so that I can quickly look things up. However, my hands often have traces of disinfectant on them. This isn’t a problem for the iPhone. But what about your cases? Have any tests been conducted? I would like to get one for my new iPhone, but I’m not sure if I would ruin the somewhat expensive case with my day-to-day use. I look forward to your reply. Best regards.


Yikes! What can I say, I didn’t know the answer. There had been no tests performed with this issue in mind until then. But I wanted to find out. And so, the customer became our product tester: “Please test it for us! We want to know! Don’t worry, we’ll replace your KAVAJ if the case doesn’t hold up.”

Our enquiring doctor-to-be wanted to participate and agreed to take our KAVAJ to the hospital to test it out. He reported back to us after almost two months.

Hello. A while ago, I asked whether or not your leather cases could withstand hospital disinfectant. I was to try it out.
Instead of testing things on my leather case for the iPhone 6 Plus, I tried it out with my iPad case. I often have the iPad with me in the ward and use it to make notes with patients’ information. It goes without saying that it comes into contact with disinfectant. Well, non-greasy substances are not a problem for the leather case. Only those substances that are a bit oily leave marks in the leather. These marks are somewhat stubborn, but can be removed with a cloth and water.
I thought this might be of interest. I’ve already recommended your products to my colleagues.
And an iPhone with a leather case goes great with a white coat.
Kind regards and happy holidays

We passed the test! The KAVAJ has no problems with disinfectants. Thank you, dear product tester for trying it out and recommending us! Of course, we think that an iPhone in a leather case always looks great :-)

Do you also use our KAVAJs in extreme conditions? Tell us about it!

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