The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Our first wallet, the KAVAJ Munich, is finally available on Amazon as of 14 July 2015. Getting there proved to be a long haul. Not simply because we hadn’t actually planned at all on including a wallet in our product lineup, which had been dominated to date mostly by iDevices, but also because a few unforeseen obstacles had been placed in our path. This happened in spite of the fact that our Community had been so eagerly awaiting this particular launch of the KAVAJ Munich wallet, and had thus actively participated in broadening the product assortment. You can read about the whys and wherefores here.

So, we were all excitedly looking forward to the launch of the Munich. A wallet would be the first device-independent product from KAVAJ. How would it be received? There was lots of excitement at the company. But then…

The KAVAJ Munich – a long, tough road – or marketing stunt?

Actually, the launch of the KAVAJ Munich had already been planned for July 10. Just to drum up the attention for our Munich a bit, on Wednesday I put together a little film short from our specially made graphics and posted it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tomorrow. Finally.

Posted by KAVAJ on Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

Out on our intranet, the video was immediately met with praise from CEO Jörg. As well as some scary news. Nothing had yet been entered into the system?

The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Jörg: “Cool posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…looks great.
I hope Amazon doesn’t throw a wrench into the works. Still nothing entered into the system…“

Great. Out of all the times, looks like this time we’re going to be looking at some delays. It just had to happen this time, after all the ballyhoo we’d made about the launch, it just has to happen, just when so many of our customers are waiting chomping at the bit! Man oh man.

And, unfortunately, the bad news kept up.

The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Jörg: “It doesn’t look good at the moment. The wallets were delivered yesterday morning around 9 a.m., but Amazon hasn’t touched them yet, meaning they’re still lying there in incoming goods. I called the warehouse twice today, but they just said that had so much damn work to do… Normally Amazon has 72 hours to get things into the warehouse. Anyway: if nothing happens tonight, I’m opening a ticket. I hope we can launch tomorrow.“

Lena: “Oh me oh my“

In other words, continue to hope that nothing gets in the way of a launch on July 10.

On 10 July, i.e. the day of the hoped-for launch, everything initially looked good.

The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Jörg: “Amazon started unloading our boxes 15 minutes ago. So things are looking good. I hope they unload both boxes and don’t stop again after the first one…you never know with them.“

Lena: “Are they going to let you know as soon as everything’s ready? I’d like to give the green light via social media. Everyone’s waiting.“

Jörg: “I’m waiting, too… Of course, we’ll give the go-ahead.“

But, since once again nothing happened over the next few hours, we had a crisis video call. Should we go ahead and officially postpone the launch? Or wait at the office until there’s finally some news? We agreed that we’d wait. We didn’t want to disappoint the community that was waiting and was slowly becoming impatient. The first few people had already inquired as to exactly what time things would kick off.

So we decided to go on the offensive with the delay and take it with a bit of humor. What else can you do on a Friday afternoon? Thus, we set up a wonderful live ticker. I’d already had fun making the film short anyway. So we decided to report live on the status of our wallet under the hashtag #WhereisKAVAJMunich on Twitter.

Meanwhile, unfortunately there was bad news again. The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Lena: “Any news?“

Kai: “No, unfortunately there’s none. 6 black and 8 cognac are already up for sale. The rest is still making its way through the area…“

Lena: “But are those ones that weren’t previously available? Does that mean they they unpack a few and then close up the box again??“

Lena: “News?“

Kai: “Unfortunately none. Still nothing entered into the system.“

 Ok, we admit that we also had some fun with the ticker. But we probably weren’t so far off the mark with our assumptions.

The head honchos continually pressed the refresh button, hoping to see the status in fulfillment finally change. Over on the intranet, we incessantly asked “Any news??”

But then it became clear: it was Friday afternoon. Status unchanged. Nothing more’s going to happen today. So all we can do is hope for Monday.


But it’s Monday morning and the week kicks off with still no positive news awaiting us…

The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Jörg: “Good morning…unfortunately there’s no good news. I just spoke with Amazon on the phone. It’s true, our wallets are going to be moved to another warehouse. I.e., from the warehouse we delivered to to another Amazon warehouse. The Amazon employee said it looks like most of the wallets won’t be in the new warehouse until Wednesday (and not even the entire lot!)… The Amazon guideline even gives Amazon 14 days to transfer to a new warehouse…“

c_haer: “oooooh, no!”

Lena: “Oh no! You’ve gotta be kidding!“

We could hardly believe it. Our wallets had already been lying over at Amazon for almost a whole week. And they’ve only just now been transferred to another warehouse? This is a bad joke!

And then, finally. Finally! On Tuesday, a day earlier than we’d expected, the long-awaited news: The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? |

Kai: “Good news from Amazon: the bulk of the wallets has been entered into the system. We can finally launch today.“

We’d had no idea how well our slogan would actually fit at the time we worked out the KAVAJ Munich marketing strategy.

Munich. Finally.

The KAVAJ Munich - a long, tough road - or marketing stunt? | And our Social Media team (who are we?) was especially pleased with one tweet in particular:

Daniel Lüdecke: “KAVAJ has managed to get me excited about the release of a wallet!“

Of course, I posted this tweet directly on our intranet. We were all so incredibly relieved to be able to launch. And here, my dear Daniel Lüdecke, are the reactions:

KAVAJ Munich - ein weiter Weg oder ein Marketing-Gag? |

Jörg: “Wow!“

Micha: “Hehe, that was some incredible feat. I’m getting all antsy.“

All’s well that ends well. I’m already excited to see how the end-of-July launch of our newest product, the KAVAJ Apple Watch wristband, will go. We already know the name of the KAVAJ wristband. Do you, too?

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