#KAVAJstories: a wallet causes a sensation

“We had never planned to include a wallet in our range of products.” Joerg Kundrath

Plans change

When we posted Joerg’s wallet – a one-off design specially made for him – on Instagram and Facebook, comments came thick and fast! And we realized: you want a KAVAJ wallet! We posted it again  and again. We let the wallet appear inconspicuously in our pictures over and over. And you spotted it every time and commented diligently. We have gathered here the most beautiful comments:

“I like a wallet!

“Heavenly. I’d buy it now.”

“A Kavaj purse????  i want it too! 

“Is it for sale yet?”

“Definitely make these! I’d buy one in a moment! ”

“I also want one, ABSOLUTELY!!!”

“Hey hey… Where can I find this wallet?”

“That card case is hot”

“Hi Kavaj! Do you have any idea yet when the wallet will become part of your product range? I keep clicking the refresh button on your site every day.”

Have a great workshop! #Repost @w_lena Die Wartezeit bis zum Workshop klug nutzen. Selfiecheck #KAVAJontour

Ein von KAVAJ (@kavaj_photos) gepostetes Foto am

“Where can I buy the wallet?”

“I want it too! But please just like the one in the picture! And please as soon as possible!”

“where can I get this wallet??”

“Hi guys. Have you considered making wallets – I love your products ( I have the Dallas iPhone 5s and iPad Air cover) A smart brown leather wallet for my money would be good?!?! Regards”

“Great news – it’s exactly what I wanted.  (…) I look forward to buying my Kavaj wallet! Regards”

“Cool stuff! stylish, practical, solid and everything from this wonderfully fragrant leather!”

“I want it too!”

“the question is… when can I get my hand on a wallet? ;) I need some new KAVAJ goodies”

“Yeaaah finally a wallet!!!”

“I also need such a thing for cards and notes”

“Absolutely fabulous! I definitely want 2, black and brown. I have been waiting for a KAVAJ wallet to match my iPhone and iPad cases! Well done!”

“Great! I love your products! Very excited for this one”

“Perfect. Fits well in the collection”

“I want this wallet at last”

“Is that a wallet in the picture? Can I buy it?”

And how could we refuse this wish after such comments? So we added some finishing touches. We tested a few more designs and sure enough, produced the final wallet.

The wallet needs a name

So the wallet goes into production and only needs a name. What could be better than to let you make this important decision? After all, the first KAVAJ wallet was developed because of your comments and your desire for it! So we called on you to send us name suggestions on Facebook.

+++ KAVAJ wallet +++In July we finally bring the first KAVAJ wallet to market. Since this new KAVAJ was your wish:… Posted by KAVAJ on Montag, 1. Juni 2015

From these suggestions, we selected three names that came into question from the company’s point of view: Munich, New York, AmsterdamAnd then it was your turn again. You could vote on Facebook and Instagram which of these three names you liked the best.

Well then? 

Welcome to the KAVAJ family, KAVAJ Munich!


#KAVAJstories: a wallet causes a sensation


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2 thoughts on “#KAVAJstories: a Wallet causes a sensation

  1. Love all your products, my iPad Air loves its iPad Air Case “Hamburg” cognac brown. Lot of folks ask were I got it and I tell them!
    Can you please advise me of the measurements of the wallet prior to me preordering it?

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for recommanding us! The measures of the US version of the KAVAJ Munich are 12,7cm x 7,7cm x 1,2cm (+-1-2mm). Kind regards Lena

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