KAVAJ 2015

What do people traditionally do in February? Exactly – take a look back at the year 2015!

The year 2015

I’ve looked through our back end, and I’ve gathered some wonderful numbers for you and assembled them in an infographic.

In the year 2015, we sold a total of 128,000 KAVAJs, which is a sensational average of 350 KAVAJs sold per day!

In 2015, the majority – namely, 53.6% – of these cases were sold through amazon.de. 27.9% of KAVAJs were sold to the USA, and we sold 16.1% of our products in the UK.

For anyone wondering whether we sell more cognac or black, I’ve got an answer for them as well: In 2015, with 62% the color cognac brown had a significant lead over black. This means that 6 out of 10 KAVAJs sold are cognac brown. Who would have thought?

KAVAJ 2015

The absolute top seller of 2015 was the KAVAJ Dallas for the iPhone 6/6S in – what else – cognac brown! 2nd place went to the KAVAJ Berlin for the iPad Air 2 in cognac, and the KAVAJ Dallas for the iPhone 6/6S in third place put a black case on the podium.

In the graphic below, you can find all of our reviews from amazon.de/amazon.co.uk/amazon.com. We are delighted to have received a total of 3,611 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. Wow! A big thank you to all of you!

Furthermore, we have enjoyed the growth of our Facebook community ! We won unbelievable 29,946 more fans in the year 2015!

The following is not included in the graphic, but is another interesting fact: Our product range grew by two entirely new products. Our wallet KAVAJ Munich, which gained attention even before it launched, and our Apple watch band KAVAJ Barcelona (Edit: Currently not available; we are working on a new release for 2016). Furthermore, our classic and – as you can see above – absolute top selling product, the KAVAJ Dallas, is now also available as the KAVAJ Dallas for the iPad mini 4. Other new additions in 2015: KAVAJ Berlin and the KAVAJ London for the iPad mini 4 and KAVAJ Berlin, KAVAJ London, and KAVAJ Hamburg for the iPad Pro.

The KAVAJ team also had some new additions in 2015. We were happy to greet our new colleague Yuri in April, and in November were proud to have Leandro join us as a new colleague in Hamburg. With these new members, our team grew from 8 to 10. Perfect, right?

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