“We fulfill your biggest wish!” was the idea. And that’s why we started the #dearKAVAJ campaign. More than 100 wishes were sent in. We decided for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR deepest wishes.

We have already told the story of the first wish of Sanny’s (“We grant a wish: Sanny goes out for dinner!”).

Today we’re going to tell the story of Norbert who wished for a new room for his son Vincent.

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“My dream would be to renovate and redesign my severely disabled son’s bedroom. I estimate costs would be approx. €800. We have to finance many therapies and appliances ourselves as statutory health insurance won’t cover this and as the sole income earner (my wife cares for our son) in a family of 5 there’s not much spare cash to hand.”

Our jury was unanimous in selecting this wish. We definitely wanted to fulfill this wish of Norbert’s.
So I got in touch with the family to find out exactly what he needed. Do you we need craftsmen? Construction materials for the renovation? Accessories? New furniture?

Hello Lena & KAVAJ team,

Our heavily mentally and physically disabled son Vincent is 15 years old and his room…should go more in the direction of, being equipped with furniture so that he can also live there when he is an adult because we want him to stay close to us so we can care for him as long as we can.

For example, he needs a wide bed, around 140cm wide, since he rolls around at night and could fall out of the bed.
Our Vincent wants a big desk/table since his favorite hobby is puzzles and a big cabinet with shelves where he can store his puzzles and it is important to him that he can get them out himself (Billyshelf from IKEA would work fine)…..He should feel at home in his “kingdom”, turn up the music just like other teenagers….hang around on a couch….just be normal like everyone else…that’s his biggest wish.


Warm regards, I am still so speechless and touched……..that you asked about my wish

Yours truly Norbert,

So the family needs furniture. This wish was easy to fulfill. We bought an IKEA gift certificate online and sent it directly to Norbert and his family. So that he can spend €800 shopping at IKEA for his son.

Dear Lena,

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, my son Vincent is going to flip when I tell him that we’re going to redecorate his room.

Warm regards,


2015-03-25 15.52.00-2

Puzzle, Puzzle, Puzzle

2015-03-25 15.51.00-3

Puzzle, Puzzle, and even more Puzzle

2015-03-25 15.51.00-2

and some more Puzzle in Vincent´s old room

And since the IKEA gift certificate can only be activated once it has arrived, practical for such a large sum, the family was at IKEA already to have a look around. And our dear Norbert sent us some pictures.

2015-03-26 11.59.00-1

Vincent looking for a shelf for his puzzles

2015-03-26 12.17.00-1

What all does a new room need? Shopping at IKEA

And then once the gift certificate had been activated the family took off again. Back to IKEA to get the new furniture.

Dear Lena and KAVAJ team,

After our trip to IKEA to last week to look around…he had inspected the cabinets and most importantly, the shelves.

On Maundy Thursday I went to IKEA in Lübeck with my wife. First we rented a van there, then the boxes were just to big and heavy.

Got home, unloaded everything, brought back the van. Emptied the room that night. Then I touched up the ingrained wallpaper where it was a bit faded. Vincent helped take the old furniture apart.

Good Friday left in the morning…Vincent was so excited, he could hardly wait until we had put everything together. Of course, he and his younger brother helped out a lot. Some of it went simpler than we had expected, the directions were easy to follow and no screws were missing. Finally we thought, almost done…then what did we see? I bought the wrong slatted frame (way to small for the bed). So packed the slatted frame into the car somehow and tide it down.

But Vincent had already painstakingly sorted his puzzles…he has a system, they are sorted by manufacturer / amount of pieces. We packed the wardrobe again. It was very important to him that his confirmation suit (he has his confirmation on 4/12) was hung up first. He was so proud once his puzzles were in the Regissör bookcase, he has so many, it’s his only hobby and he is so good at it.

So the whole family took cars to IKEA in the LUV shopping center in Lübeck since we had to take the wheelchair and fold down one of the seats for the slatted frame. Quickly exchanged and then back in the car.

A quick lunch at IKEA, back home….slatted frame fits, bed made and the he had a relaxing rest in his new bed.

So now all you lovely people at KAVAJ, a heartfelt thanks for this wonderful wish that you made possible for us and our heavily mentally and physically handicapped son……we come in the room….still can’t believe it, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true, we don’t have to pinch ourselves, there is all the furniture.

The sunniest, merriest Easter greetings to you

Most sincerely,

Norbert and family

2015-04-04 08.46.54

A sales slip = a list of fulfilled wishes

2015-04-03 10.10.24

Norbert and Vincent take apart the old furniture together

2015-04-03 11.18.21-1

And then finally the new furniture is in!

2015-04-03 17.26.00-1

And then finally the favorite puzzles can be put on the shelves!

2015-04-04 16.00.29

The new shelf is up…

2015-04-04 16.01.00

…just like the new wardrobe!

2015-04-04 16.02.00

After working hard Vincent can get comfortable in his new bed.

Dear Norbert, Dear Vincent, we are ridiculously excited about having been able to fulfill this wish for you. Thank you for taking part in our campaign, for your trust and all pictures and the follow-up that really let us be a part of it.

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